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Fetish and BDSM Domination Mistress Spanking

  • 1 saa
  • 350 euros
  • Swissotel

Hizmet Açıklaması

Fetish and BDSM Domination Mistress Spanking is some sort of BDSM. You may have watched Nymphomaniac by Lars von Trier and thought how you wish to be the one who is spanking main character. Or maybe you like it in lighter forms? For example, spank your partner with your palm say “Who is the bad girl?” We are sure you would love to play spanking game with girls of our agency whether you love leave bruises and scars or do it gently. Of course you always have a choice to spank or to be spanked. If you choose the second one, prepare your butt and get satisfaction. Before spanking session surely consider the stop word and how intense spanking would be. It is common to use your belt, whip or bunch of ropes for flagellation. You may choose everything you like, but do not forget that safety goes first. Play safe and satisfy your game with perfect strangers!

İptal Koşulları

İptal Etmek yada planlamada değişiklik yapmak için en az 2 saat önceden bizimle iletişime geçiniz

Kişi Bilgileri

  • Swissotel

    İstanbul, Turkey

    +90530 637 54 91

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