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Role Play

Role Play Escorts

  • 1 sa
  • 250 euros
  • Swissotel

Hizmet Açıklaması

Role Play Escorts, When you are tired of being yourself, does not matter how successful you are, here comes role plays. Sick man and nurse, teacher and student, plumber and housewife, and everything you saw in movies is available to try now. It is only up you to decide who do you want to be tonight. Do not be shy of your oddest desires, we will find a way to realize it! Throw a whole costume party and come up with a role for each member. Or play only with your partner and lead this game as far as you wish. Release your imagination and enjoy wonderful experience of being a Wolf and a Red Hood or ask your companion for advice, she will definitely help you with scenario and roles. It is always great to try something new, so let’s book in advance the girl you see as a perfect actor in your plot. See you in a couple of hours!

İptal Koşulları

İptal Etmek yada planlamada değişiklik yapmak için en az 2 saat önceden bizimle iletişime geçiniz

Kişi Bilgileri

  • Swissotel

    İstanbul, Turkey

    +90530 637 54 91

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